Binnie and Clode’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Here are a few of our favorite things... to gift: 

Donate To A Cause

Sometimes the sweetest gift to give to someone special enough to have everything they need is a gift of donation in their name. Donating to important causes is one of our main missions, and therefore we think this is the best gift of all. Either donate to an animal shelter, towards cancer research, or to an organization near and dear to your Valentine’s heart. Every person has a different cause that speaks to them personally and thankfully there are many different organizations one could find to support.

❥Binnie and Clode donate to animal and environmental organizations multiple times a year. We will be donating to Farm Sanctuary this February in honor of Valentine’s Day.  

Use Your Creativity to Create a Memento

Did you travel with that person? Is your favorite restaurant that Vegan Mexican Place by the shore (Luna Verde)? Is that person madly in love with their puppy? Either way, choose a medium to create a small item that will remind them of what you love to do together or what they love in life. Whether it is creating a cute homemade postcard from Italy because that is where you proposed… or making them a small modern renaissance painting with their doggo as the main character… or creating a digital collage of your visits to their favorite restaurant. All that matters is that you put effort and heart into saying you cherish them, their hobbies and/or quirks.

Get them their favorite scented Candle or Diffuser

I mean could we get through a gift guide without suggesting a Binnie and Clode Co. candle or diffuser, we could… but why would we? The truth is that a Binnie and Clode Co. item would be the coolest gift ever to anyone who loves: candles, diffusers, plants, eco-friendly products, products made from essential oils only, eco-friendly tote bags screen printed by a local artist with the cutest design of two mischievous cats, and more...

❥If you need any suggestions, we would definitely recommend the limited edition
Rose Gelato Candle. However we also really love all the new spring releases
that will be out this week. Sneak peek: the other scents are Orange Hibiscus, Sweet Mint, and Cherry Blossom. And you can never go wrong with White Tea, Oakmoss and Amber, and/or Black Currant Absinthe.

Cook your Valentine their Favorite Treat

It is so common to say that food is the way to the heart… but it is common because there is truth to it. Food is the way to our hearts (well aside from Candles, Diffusers and all kinds of yummy scented things). Bake your Valentine, family member or friend their favorite dessert. Is it a vegan brownie on the fudgie side or blueberry scones with fresh lemon glaze on top? Either way try to make them their favorite snack or sweet.

❥For example if Federico of Binnie and Clode Co. popped fresh popcorn, then added a healthy supply of vegan butter and nutritional yeast for Tonantzin of Binnie and Clode Co. there would be one happy Valentine on the 14th, and the gift would cost less than 6 dollars and take less than 15 minutes of active work time. Just make sure you make the treat and clean up - therefore saving the gift receiver from any of the cleanup duty.

Gifts are just thoughtful and/or beautiful tokens of our appreciation, the real gift is getting to spend time with your loved ones… if time, budget, or other life factors get in the way of you getting the “perfect gift” just remember time is always the best gift anyone can give when possible.

As always the Binnie and Clode Team sends you lots of love !!!

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